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MAX7219tiny MAX7219 ATtiny85

MAX7219tiny is a C library for working with the MAX7219 display driver to control an 8×8 LED matrix. It is intended to be used with the Tinusaur boards but should also work with any other board based on ATtiny85 or a similar microcontroller. MAX7219tiny Source Code: https://gitlab.com/tinusaur/max7219tiny GitHub mirror at: https://github.com/tinusaur/max7219tiny NOTE: This project was …   Learn more …

Students from Vladimir Komarov High School start a class on Tinusaur

Komarov High School Tinusaur Soldering Class

Students from 9th and 11th grade from “Vladimir Komarov” High School in Veliko Tarnovo started the academic year with a new teacher – Neven Boyanov, founder of the platform for natural sciences and programming Tinusaur. He joins the classroom to pass on his knowledge and skills in “Computer controlling systems” and “Automated computer systems” disciplines. …   Learn more …

Tinusaur performed successfully at GITEX in Dubai

Tinusaur GITEX Dubai

The successful Bulgarian platform for training in programming, physics, and robotics “Tinusaur” showed its latest educational kits for assembling mini-computers at the most prominent technology exhibition in the Middle East – GITEX, which took place from 17 to 21 October 2021 in Dubai. The participation of 6 Bulgarian technology companies in the world event was …   Learn more …


ServoLibTiny - Servo library for ATtiny85 and other ATtinyXX microcontrollers.

ServoLibTiny is a servo library for the ATtiny85 and other ATtinyXX microcontrollers. ServoLibTiny source code: https://gitlab.com/tinusaur/servolibtiny GitHub mirror at: https://github.com/tinusaur/servolibtiny NOTE: This project was developed for and tested on the ATtiny85 microcontrollers. It might or might not work in other environments.


Tinusaur Tutorials

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Tinusaur and National Military University “Vasil Levski” are joining forces to develop digital skills


The platform for training in electronics, robotics and programming “Tinusaur” and the National Military University “Vasil Levski” – Veliko Tarnovo start joint work to increase the digital skills and knowledge of students. Within the framework of the agreement for future collaboration, trainings and seminars are forthcoming for students and cadets from the National University of …   Learn more …


Tinusaur Projects

At Tinusaur, we create interesting and useful projects all the time. Whether that is a library of source code, a new board with electronic parts, or a gadget, we’re always happy to share it with you. The Tinusaur is an open source project – you can build and learn all by yourself, but buying our …   Learn more …


Tinusaur Libraries

At Tinusaur, we create interesting and useful source code libraries that we’re always happy to share with you. The Tinusaur is an open-source project – you can build and learn all by yourself, but buying our products will help us keep developing and improving them. Thanks for your support over the years. Choose from the …   Learn more …

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