Students from Vladimir Komarov High School start a class on Tinusaur

Students from 9th and 11th grade from “Vladimir Komarov” High School in Veliko Tarnovo started the academic year with a new teacher – Neven Boyanov, founder of the platform for natural sciences and programming Tinusaur. He joins the classroom to pass on his knowledge and skills in “Computer controlling systems” and “Automated computer systems” disciplines.

Komarov High School Tinusaur Soldering Class

The educational program, based on the successful methodology of the Tinusaur team, will be part of the regular classes. The students will assemble and program their own microcomputer boards using the Tinusaur kits. At the end of the school year, they will present their projects. A regional competition between teams of all classes is also planned. During the spring and summer vacations, Tinusaur will organize outdoor training camps.

Komarov High School Tinusaur Soldering Class

Tinusaur is partnering with “Vladimir Komarov” High School as part of the National Program “Training for IT skills and career” designed to increase knowledge and skills in these specialties and high technology in cooperation with universities and employers in the IT sector.

Komarov High School Tinusaur Soldering Class

“It is our responsibility to support formal technical education so that students have the opportunity to develop their potential for the job of the future. Tinusaur is advancing with the ambition of its graduates, and we believe that together we will be able to take an important step forward for the success in the rapidly changing job market”, said Neven Boyanov, founder of Tinusaur.

For contacts and media relations: Neven Boyanov
https://tinusaur.com/, https://www.facebook.com/tinusaur

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