What is STEM? It stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics”. This is a term that is generally used to group these academic disciplines. The term is commonly used when considering educational policies and the choice of school curricula to improve competitiveness in the development of science and technology.

СТЕМ Образование / STEM Education

Science in STEM usually relates to two of the three main fields: the natural sciences (including biology, physics, and chemistry) and the formal sciences, of which mathematics is an example, along with logic and statistics. The third major section of science, the social sciences (including psychology, sociology, and political science), are categorized separately from the other two fields and instead grouped with the humanities and the arts to form another similar acronym called HASS – “Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences”.

The Tinusaur platform offers tools, resources, and educational materials to help teach according to STEM concepts.

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Tinusaur is a STEM-based platform for teaching programming, mathematics, and physics in a fun and practice-oriented way. It has been in development since 2013 and has been used in practice from the very beginning in schools and universities. Our team consists of professionals with many years of experience in the field in which they work on the project.

Tinusaur is an original Bulgarian product, which has won many awards, with a unique combination of features that make it extremely suitable for schools and universities. It consists of 4 main components: (1) hardware – a miniature computer that everyone can assemble themselves; (2) software for learning programming; (3) developed educational materials, manuals, and methodologies to help both students and educators; (4) own training, both for students and educators.

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