Students from Veliko Tarnovo participated in a summer robotics STEM academy in Kaylaka Park

Summer STEM Academy Bulgaria

36th students from Nature and Mathematics High School “Vasil Drumev” in Veliko Tarnovo participated in a summer STEM academy organized by Tinusaur. The STEM robotics academy was held from August 2nd to 7th in the Kaylaka Nature Park near Pleven. Under the guidance of Tinusaur, students from the ninth and tenth grades of the Tarnovo …   Learn more …

Tinusaur Short Demo Video

Tinusaur - Short Demo Video

One video is worth a million words! So, we recorded a short 4-minute demo video about how one Tinusaur Course goes. Enjoy! Sound interesting? Contact us! 1. Assembling the boards Everything starts with assembling your own Tinusaur board, and we do this in small groups. We also recorded short videos about how to assemble your …   Learn more …

The village of Miykovtsi was once again a center for technological fun

Summer academy robotics Tinusaur Miykovtsi

For the 10th time, Neven Boyanov from Tinusaur leads a robotics and electronics academy in the Elensky Balkan The 10th Academy of Robotics and Electronics held Tinusaur in Elenski Balkan. It took place for the seventh year in a row in the village of Miykovtsi as part of the annual Summer Academy organized by the …   Learn more …

Tinusaur organized an electronics workshop during TarnovoConf

electronics workshop TarnovoConf

In September, a series of workshops will be held in more cities in the region Tinusaur held an electronics workshop for children during the TarnovoConf technical conference in the old capital of Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo. Its organizers are the enthusiasts behind the traveling technology conferences in the country – IT Tour, with co-organizers Club …   Learn more …

Students from Patriarch Evtimiy Secondary School learned more about the professions of the future

Secondary School students learned about the professions of the future

The founder of Tinusaur, Neven Boyanov, visited the 5th and 6th graders in the Patriarch Evtimiy Secondary School. He gave an open lesson on the professions of the future and entrepreneurship. What skills will be needed for career development in the future, and what will be the new professions? Neven Boyanov and students from the …   Learn more …

Students from Vladimir Komarov High School got acquainted with the production process at the Mechatronics factory in Gabrovo

Mechatronica Gabrovo

When theory meets practice Students from 9th and 11th majoring in “Automated Systems” and “Automation of Continuous Production” at Vl. Komarov High School got acquainted with the activities of the company MECHATRONICA AD in Gabrovo. With the help of Tinusaur, they visited the company’s modernly equipped factory. There the packaging machines are designed and manufactured …   Learn more …

Students from The University of Veliko Tarnovo acquired valuable practical skills while studying with Tinusaur

Tinusaur's learning center

The young people upgraded their knowledge in the discipline “Microcontrollers and Embedded Devices” developed by the Tinusaur team 22 first-year students from St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo have completed another stage of the practical classes. They are held annually in the Tinusaur’s learning center. During the practical training, the students assembled …   Learn more …

Tinusaur participates in the exhibition “Youth Technical Creativity” 2022 in Gorna Oryahovitsa

Youth Technical Creativity 2022

The microcontroller boards and training opportunities of the company aroused interest among students and teachers from the country Tinusaur‘s team took part in the sixth edition of the Youth Technical Creativity 2022 exhibition. It took place on April 14 and 15 in the Nikola Petrov Sports Hall, Gorna Oryahovitsa. At our stand, visitors could see …   Learn more …

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