Tinusaur Starter Super

Tinusaur Starter Super

Tinusaur Starter Super is a special kit (of 2 packages) that contains everything you need to assemble a miniature computer that you can then program. It also includes two additional boards with electronic components and a prefabricated wooden stand for the assembled boards and projects. In the package, you receive a soldering iron with all the necessary tools for soldering the boards.

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1. If you are a parent

  • Assembling the boards is a great occasion to spend an unforgettable time with your child and create something interesting with your hands. It may take a few hours, but it will undoubtedly be a unique experience.
  • The assembling of the electronic boards will help your child acquire new skills and dexterity, as well as learn more about electronic components, the laws of electricity, and physics.
  • The assembled boards can be programmed using blocks that are arranged as a puzzle or by writing code in the C language to execute various commands and algorithms. You will work on interesting projects with light and sound effects, such as traffic lights or alarm systems, as well as on many other ideas.
  • While having fun and playing, your child will learn the basic principles of programming, as well as acquire essential skills needed for the jobs of the future.
  • The soldering iron, which is part of the kit, is 8-watt and operates at 5 volts supplied by a USB adapter. This makes it safe for the inexperienced if you follow the basic rules of operation.

2. If you are a student

  • This kit will allow you to assemble, from scratch, and with a soldering iron in hand, a miniature computer that you can program to execute various commands and algorithms.
  • Learning to solder with a soldering iron is a valuable skill that not everyone has and may be useful one day.
  • All of this is not taught and done in school, but it will demonstrate to you why it is important to study programming, math, and physics, what their practical application is, and even how they can be fun.
  • With Tinusaur boards, you can build many interesting projects and experiments. For example – a traffic light system (for younger students) or an alarm system (for older students), a simple system for encrypting and sending secret messages.
  • This is an opportunity to do something interesting that you have never done before. Find friends with interests like yours in our network and create something together.

3. If you are an engineer

Tinusaur boards are an original work of our team, produced in Bulgaria. They are the only product of its kind that provides the opportunity to assemble a microcontroller system from scratch.

This can give your child a chance to become interested in electronics and programming by creating something with their hands, programming it, and having fun with their own projects and experiments.

Package contents

  • The first set consists of: (1) Tinusaur microcontroller board with ATtiny85 on it (1 MHz, 8-bit RISK CPU, 8KB Flash, 512B RAM, 512B EEPROM) along with all electronic components for its stable operation, battery, and programming connector ; (2) additional shield board with 2 LEDs, 2 resistors and headers; (3) additional shield board with LED, photoresistor, buzzer button, 2 resistors, and headers; (4) prefabricated wooden stand for the assembled boards and projects; (5) USB programmer USBasp with cable.
  • The second set consists of: (1) soldering iron 5V 8W with USB cable and stand; (2) solder wire 1mm / 16g; (3) USB adapter, 5V 2A; (4) cleaning sponge; (5) cable cutters.

Once assembled, the microcontroller boards can be programmed with our own Blocktinu development environment. This is done in two ways – by block programming or by writing code in the C language. There is a third possibility, using the Arduino development environment.

IMPORTANT: To assemble the Tinusaur Starter kit’s boards, you will need a soldering iron and some other tools – part of the Tinusaur Starter Super package. If you already have these tools, take a look at the Tinusaur Starter EDU kit.

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