Package Tinusaur Board Gen:4 mk-I (beta/2019) Free PCB

Package Tinusaur Board Gen:4 mk-I Free PCB

This is the Tinusaur Board Gen:4 mk-I Free PCB.

IMPORTANT: This is only the PCB.
You have to obtain all the electronic parts yourself.

Tinusaur main microcontroller board with ATtiny85 on it (1 MHz, 8-bit RISK CPU, 8KB Flash, 512B RAM, 512B EEPROM) along with all electronic components for its stable operation and a programming connector.

Optionally, a battery holder and a battery CR2032 could also be used.

Once assembled, this board can be programmed with our own Blocktinu development environment. This can be done by block programming or by writing code in the C language. There is a third option, using the Arduino development environment.

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Parts List

MCU, ATtiny85, DIPATtiny85 microcontroller
Socket, DIP-8Socket, DIP-8
Header 2×4 FMain board header 1
Header 2×5 FMain board header 2
Resistor, 10KPull-up resistor for the RESET line
Capacitor, 100 nFCapacitor for the power lines
Capacitor, 100 uFCapacitor for the power lines
Jumper header 2×2, MSwitch RST / PB3
Jumper capSwitch RST / PB3
Button, tactile, 2-pinRESET button
Header 2×5 M shroudedISP header
Jumper header 1×2, MBattery disconnect
Jumper capBattery disconnect
Connector XH2.54-2P, MExternal battery connector, pair 1of2
Battery holderBattery holder for CR2032
Battery, CR2032Coin cell battery, type CR2032

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