Tinusaur Starter EDU Gen:3 (2019)

IMPORTANT: This is the documentation for Generation 3 of Tinusaur products.

This bundle consists of 3 kits

Below you will find guides on how to assemble your kits. The files are in PDF format and can be downloaded. Choose which you want more information about.

1. Tinusaur Main Board (Gen:3)

Тинузавър Главна Платка - Упътване за сглобяване

2. Tinusaur Shield LEDx2 (Gen:3)

Допълнителна платка LEDx2 - Упътване за сглобяване

3. Tinusaur Shield EDUx4IO (Gen:3)

Допълнителна платка EDUx4IO – Упътване за сглобяване

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