About Tinusaur

An educational platform from the new millennium

Tinusaur is a miniature computer – a set of electronic boards that you can easily assemble yourself, literally – with a soldering iron. Then you can learn how to program it with our own Blocktinu development environment by using blocks or in C. It could also be programmed with Arduino. The Tinusaur project is based on the ATtiny85 microcontroller. Its software, hardware, and content are open source.

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The Tinusaur platform offers tools and materials for conducting multidisciplinary STEM courses, combining programming, mathematics, and physics mixed in one multidisciplinary curriculum with a strong practical orientation and elements of entrepreneurship. In addition to studying the above disciplines, as part of the courses, the emphasis is placed on teamwork, practical projects, and presenting them.

It is offered in 3 ways: (1) guides for self-studying for students; (2) a series of courses for students; (3) a series of training for educators to utilize the platform.

Our Approach

Our project offers and provides the study of electronics, microcontrollers, and robotics in an interesting and fun way, combining practice with theory. The basic functionality of the platform is available and used in schools and universities since the starting of the project. New educational materials and courses are in constant development.


The professions of the future, especially in the context of Industry 4.0, require the study of science and technology through new, modern methods and approaches. The Tinusaur platform provides tools to make this happen.

Business and partnership

If you are an educational business, using the Tinusaur platform will not only allow you to make your courses more interesting but will give you the opportunity to expand your range of educational products with minimal investment on your part.

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