The STEM kit from Tinusaur is on Amazon USA at a discount until the end of the month.

STEM kit on #Amazon USA at a discount

STEM kit on Amazon USA to assemble your miniature computer and then program it with blocks. Our STEM kit is on Amazon USA at a discount until the end of the month. The Starter EDU kit is a unique product – it lets you assemble your own miniature computer and then program it with our …   Learn more …

Students from High School “Vladimir Komarov” created melodies using an electronic board during a STEM workshop

STEM Workshop

Tinusaur provokes the creativity of Veliko Tarnovo students through interesting training in the Elena Balkans Spring break can be not only fun but also rewarding. Students from 9th and 11th grades of School “Vladimir Komarov” majoring in “Automated systems and automation of continuous production” were convinced. They participated in the STEM Workshop Spring Academy, led …   Learn more …

Tinusaur Foundation trains for the professions of the future with the support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation

UNI4KIDS Мийковци Сертификати

Tinusaur Foundation was approved for a microgrant by the “America for Bulgaria Foundation” for the project “Learn, have fun and prepare for the future with Tinusaur”. With the grant, the Foundation will organize free lessons and workshops in STEM disciplines. The Foundation will give students and educators from small towns partial scholarships for participating in …   Learn more …


СТЕМ Образование / STEM Education

What is STEM? It stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics”. This is a term that is generally used to group these academic disciplines. The term is commonly used when considering educational policies and the choice of school curricula to improve competitiveness in the development of science and technology. Science in STEM usually relates to …   Learn more …

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