OLED display that can work with Blocktinu and Tinusaur board

OLED display that can work with Blocktinu and Tinusaur board

Blocktinu is a web-based development environment for microcontrollers that works with blocks in a browser. Tinusaur boards now have an OLED display with 128 x 64 pixels resolution that uses the fastest microcontroller driver. A few days ago, we completed the integration between the Tinusaur boards; OLED display SSD1306; the fastest driver – SSD1306xLED; and …   Learn more …

New capabilities in Blocktinu when writing code in the C programming language

Blockrinu Blocks vs C code

Blocktinu is Tinusaur‘s web-based block programming platform for creating programs to be used with our microcontroller boards or similar based on the ATtiny85 microcontroller by Microchip. Did you know that Blocktinu can be used to create programs not only by using blocks for absolute beginners but also by writing code in the C programming language? …   Learn more …


Tinusaur Blocktinu Development Environment & Platform

Blocktinu is our web-based development environment created for the absolute beginners but also suitable for the intermediate. To use it you need to install 2 pieces of software: (1) Driver for the USB programmer; and (2) Uploader for your code. Follow these instructions for installing Blocktinu Tools for Windows. The official website of the is …   Learn more …

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