Tinusaur Starter STD Gen:3 (2019)

Tinusaur Starter STD Gen:3

Package contents

  1. Tinusaur Board
    Tinusaur microcontroller board with ATtiny85 on it (1 MHz, 8-bit RISK CPU, 8KB Flash, 512B RAM, 512B EEPROM) along with all electronic components for its stable operation, battery, and programming connector
  2. Tinusaur Shield LEDx2
    Additional shield board with 2 LEDs, 2 resistors, and headers;
  3. USB programmer
    USBasp programmer with cable.

Once assembled, the microcontroller boards can be programmed with our own Blocktinu development environment. This is done in two ways – by block programming or by writing code in the C language. There is a third possibility, using the Arduino development environment.

IMPORTANT: This kit contains everything you need to program it. Note that you will also need a soldering iron that is not part of this package. If you still don’t have a soldering iron, take a look at the Tinusaur Starter Super package, which contains, in addition to the boards from this kit, soldering iron and additional tools.

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