History of computing

Aaron Swartz

On November 8, 1986 was born Aaron Hillel Swartz. He was an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, writer, political organizer, and Internet hacktivist. He was involved in the development of the web feed format RSS, the Markdown publishing format, the organization Creative Commons, and the website framework web.py, and was a co-founder of the social news site Reddit. He was given the title of co-founder by Y Combinator owner Paul Graham after the formation of Not a Bug, Inc. (a merger of Swartz’s project Infogami and Reddit, a company run by Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman).

Gene Amdahl

On November 10, 2015 died Gene Amdahl. He is an American computer architect and high-tech entrepreneur, chiefly known for his work on mainframe computers at IBM and later his own companies, especially Amdahl Corporation. He formulated Amdahl’s law, which states a fundamental limitation of parallel computing.

Robert Fano

On November 11, 1917 was born Roberto Mario “Robert” Fano. He was an Italian-American computer scientist and professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He led Project MAC at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Fano built on his studies at MIT when he directed Project MAC (Project on Mathematics and Computation), which focused on developments in timesharing and interactive computing.

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