History of computing

William Arthur Stewart Buxton

On March 10, 1949 was born William Arthur Stewart Buxton. He is a Canadian computer scientist and designer. He is a principal researcher at Microsoft Research. He is known for being one of the pioneers in the human–computer interaction field.

Judith Milhon

On March 12, 1939 was born Judith Milhon, best known by her pseudonym St. Jude. She was a hacker and author in the San Francisco Bay Area. Milhon coined the term cypherpunk and was a founding member of the cypherpunks. On July 19, 2003, Milhon died of cancer.

David Neil "Dave" Cutler

On March 13, 1942 was born David Neil “Dave” Cutler Sr. He is an American software engineer, a designer, and a developer of several operating systems in the computer industry. These operating systems are Microsoft Windows NT, and Digital Equipment Corporation: RSX-11M, VAXELN, VMS (now OpenVMS).

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