History of computing

David Wheeler

On December 13, 2004 died David Wheeler. He was a computer scientist and professor of computer science at the University of Cambridge. Wheeler’s contributions to the field included work on the Electronic delay storage automatic calculator (EDSAC) and the Burrows–Wheeler transform (BWT). He was responsible for the implementation of the CAP computer, the first to be based on security capabilities. In cryptography, he was the designer of WAKE and the co-designer of the TEA and XTEA encryption algorithms together with Roger Needham.

Jen Golbeck

On December 16, 1976 was born Jen Golbeck. She is a computer scientist. She currently is an Associate Professor at the College of Information Studies, University of Maryland, College Park. Golbeck was director of the University of Maryland Human–Computer Interaction Lab from 2011 to 2014. Jennifer Golbeck is known for her work on computational social network analysis. She developed methods for inferring information about relationships and people in social networks. Her models for computing trust between people in social networks are among the first in the field.
Kenneth Iverson

On December 17, 1920 was born Kenneth Eugene Iverson. He was a Canadian computer scientist noted for the development of the programming language APL. He was honored with the Turing Award in 1979 “for his pioneering effort in programming languages and mathematical notation resulting in what the computing field now knows as APL.
Konrad Zuse

On December 18, 1995 died Konrad Zuse. He was a German civil engineer, pioneering computer scientist, inventor and businessman. His greatest achievement was the world’s first programmable computer; the functional program-controlled Turing-complete Z3 became operational in May 1941. Thanks to this machine and its predecessors, Zuse has often been regarded as the inventor of the modern computer.

Adin Falkoff

On December 19, 1921 was born Adin Falkoff. He was an engineer and computer systems and programming systems designer who was mostly known for his work on the programming language APL and systems for IBM. He was a researcher and manager at IBM Research since 1955 for over forty years before retiring. He collaborated with Ken Iverson from 1960 to 1980 on the design, development, and use of the APL programming language and interactive environment.

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