History of computing

Randal Schwarts

On November 22, 1962 was born Randal Schwarts. He is an American author, system administrator and programming consultant. He is known for his expertise in the Perl programming language, his promotional role within the Perl community, as a co-host of FLOSS Weekly, and for a controversial felony conviction resulting from State of Oregon vs. Randal Schwartz, later officially expunged.

AOL Buys Netscape

On November 24, 1998 America Online announced the acquisition of Netscape Communications in a stock-for-stock transaction worth $4.2 billion. The deal between Netscape and AOL was also a pooling-of-interests transaction and gave Netscape shareholders 0.45 shares of AOL common stock for each share they held. The transaction closed in the spring of 1999, subject to regulatory and shareholder approval.

Margaret Ann Boden

On November 26, 1936 was born Margaret Ann Boden. She is a Research Professor of Cognitive Science in the Department of Informatics at the University of Sussex, where her work embraces the fields of artificial intelligence, psychology, philosophy, and cognitive and computer science.

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