Free Tinusaur Board 4 (beta) PCB

Congratulations! 🙂 You’ve got the Free Tinusaur Board 4 (beta) PCB!

Free Tinusaur Board 4 (beta) PCB
Free Tinusaur Board 4 (beta) PCB

Parts List

MCU, ATtiny85, DIPATtiny85 microcontroller
Socket, DIP-8Socket, DIP-8
Header 2×4 FMain board header 1
Header 2×5 FMain board header 2
Resistor, 10KPull-up resistor for the RESET line
Capacitor, 100 nFCapacitor for the power lines
Capacitor, 100 uFCapacitor for the power lines
Jumper header 2×2, MSwitch RST / PB3
Jumper capSwitch RST / PB3
Button, tactile, 2-pinRESET button
Header 2×5 M shroudedISP header
Jumper header 1×2, MBattery disconnect
Jumper capBattery disconnect
Connector XH2.54-2P, MExternal battery connector, pair 1of2
Battery holderBattery holder for CR2032
Battery, CR2032Coin cell battery, type CR2032
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