Tinusaur Short Demo Video

One video is worth a million words!

So, we recorded a short 4-minute demo video about how one Tinusaur Course goes.


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1. Assembling the boards

Everything starts with assembling your own Tinusaur board, and we do this in small groups.

We also recorded short videos about how to assemble your board. They are very detailed and include many suggestions on how not to make mistakes while you assemble our board. Surely, this is really fun for both girls and boys, and it is not hard to do – students of all ages could participate. It is always good to learn how to do things with your hands.

During this time, we learn how computers are designed and created, how electricity works; what laws of physics are applicable here; and how computers interact with the outside world.

Assembling the boards is definitely the most interesting part of our courses. And everyone is happy when their small computers work.

2. Programming

After assembling our Tinusaur boards, we continue learning how to program them. We start with our own platform called Blocktinu. This is very easy for all students, regardless of their age.

We also have a series of pre-recorded video lessons on how to learn programming.

3. Projects

But we don’t stop here. We continue with working on interesting projects using the boards that we’ve just built. Everyone gets the chance to create something. Just a few examples: automated solar panel charging station; robotic car; laser alarm system. Or, you can create your own project from what parts you have lying around. Everyone has the chance to express themselves, even through music and art.

4. Entrepreneurship

We go to the next step – we learn how to become real inventors and entrepreneurs.

Students group in teams and create their first virtual company. They should come up with ideas about products, pricing, slogan, logo, company structure, and everything else. Our mentors help students to work on their ideas. Teams have to prepare to present the business ideas to a virtual investor.

5. Presenting

This is the fun part! Teams present themselves in front of everyone. The virtual investors ask their questions first, then everyone else can ask their questions, even the funniest ones. Everyone gets the chance to win an investment of 100,000 virtual dollars.

In the end, everyone becomes friends!

We are now ready to go to the next level with Tinusaur.

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