Tinusaur Summer Course – Day 7

DAY SEVEN of the Tinusaur summer course, the children completed the system with the hoses and the filter for the water container and the pump.

They painted the water containers so that the water would not turn green when exposed to the sun.

They took care of their plants by watering and fertilizing them as needed, and then they placed the moisture sensor in the pot and connected it.

As they installed the final hoses, they also had to install a valve to ensure that the water only flows in one direction so that when the pump stops, it runs from the container to the plant and not the other way around.

When the construction, hoses, and sensors were done, the students pulled out their laptops, logged into their Blocktinu platform accounts, and set about creating a program to test if the humidity sensor was working.

Then, they continued to program, with the main idea being to connect the operation of all the sensors studied and used so far.

Neven Boyanov also joined the class and helped the children.

There is only one more day left and the projects will be on the final stage. The kids can’t wait for tomorrow to come and put their autonomous irrigation systems into action.

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