Tinusaur Summer Course – Day 1

On Monday, June 17, in Veliko Tarnovo, we started the new summer course of Tinusaur. During this course, the students will create an autonomous irrigation system to grow and water the plants they plant.

The interest in our new venture was quite high. As always, the group is relatively small – 8 children, so we have the opportunity to pay enough attention to everyone.

Their teacher, Sofia Boyanova, shared that she was very pleased with the start of the course and that new friendships were immediately formed between the children, and some had known each other from before.

Each kid received a Tinusaur AWDIU LR kit, and we set to work soldering the main board and assembling the wooden structure. Everyone had taken one of our previous courses and had experience with a soldering iron but had forgotten some things about electronic components, so we also did a short talk. Thanks to this, they quickly recalled what they had learned, corrected their mistakes, and successfully assembled the main Tinusaur Board.

For the next day, we prepared a completely new Shield AGROx3 board for soldering. We will also take our first steps in growing seedlings.

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