New Solar Charging Pod project kit

A solar panel (photovoltaic) is controlled by a Tinusaur board and driven by a servo motor to follow the sun to charge the battery optimally.

This very interesting STEM project combines many technologies and can help you learn various knowledge and skills. The project’s goal is to create a mock-up and prototype of a solar charging station with the same functions as a real one. In fact, our kit comes as close as possible to an actual product.

Solar Charging Pod project kit

2018. The first experiments started a few years ago when we charged a Li-Po battery using different types of solar panels. We measured which panel could deliver what current and what maximum voltage it generated depending on the lighting. We have also selected a suitable module for charging and protecting the battery.

Solar Charging Pod project kit

2019. The next step was to measure the лигхт throughout the day, mechanically drive the whole system or just the panel to point it to the most light – for more efficient charging according to the position of the sun.

Solar Charging Pod project kit

2020. We also made a variant where only the solar panel moves with the Tinusaur microcontroller board, but it turned out to be not very practical and challenging to create a project kit that anyone can assemble themselves.

Solar Charging Pod project kit

This summer, during our Electronics and Robotics Summer Academies, a some kids put together their first experimental version of the project and managed to write a rudimentary program to control it.

Solar Charging Pod project kit

We already have a basic version of the project kit, which includes everything you need. It is based on the Tinusaur main board, the additional Shield EDUx3IO, and a standard SG90 servo motor. It uses a Li-Po battery and a battery charging and protection module. A beautiful laser-cut wooden stand is also provided so that the whole set can be assembled easily and to be functional.

The Solar Charging Pod project kit is still under development and testing. Expect more information very soon.

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