Workshop on Electronics and Robotics in the village of Vodoley

In the village of Vodoley took place the first of a series of workshops on electronics, which the Tinusaur Foundation organized as a part of the project with Vivacom Regional Grant.

The creator of TinusaurNeven Boyanov, visited the Primary School “Hristo Smirnenski” in the village of Vodoley, where he showed 2nd to 6th-grade pupils how to assemble circuit boards, how to use a soldering iron and how to create their first program.

During the event, many pupils were with their parents, and the founder of Tunisaur – Neven Boyanov, helped them and taught them to make their first steps in programming. With his help, all participants succeeded in putting together their first miniature computers, writing their first program, and following the process of creating and working on something they made. 

School Robotics STEM Workshop in the village of Vodoley with Vivacom Regional Grant

The event occurred in one of the school’s specialized and equipped classrooms after the lessons’ end. Every participant received a free set of all necessary circuit boards worth 50 leva each.

The school students from 2nd to 6th grade followed with huge interest every step of the way to create something new and unique for them. The teachers were also present at the event, and they gave directions to the pupils since they were technically better prepared, contributing to the teamwork. As a  result, all children did great with their assigned tasks and showed what they did with pride while the assembled miniature computers were given to them as presents to remind them of this exciting experience. 

School Robotics STEM Workshop in the village of Vodoley with Vivacom Regional Grant

The school in the village of Vodoley is relatively small, with only 44 students. Because of this, it rarely has the opportunity to take part in initiatives with companies and organizations. That’s why Tinusaur’s visit provoked many positive emotions in children and teachers alike.

Time passed imperceptibly, and the young programmers didn’t stop asking questions and following every step of the way. That’s the aim of our project with Vivacom Regional Grant – to make students from these small, sometimes unnoticeable schools feel special, help them develop themselves, think about the future, and evoke interest in acquiring new knowledge and skills in them.

School Robotics STEM Workshop in the village of Vodoley with Vivacom Regional Grant

With this visit to the village of Vodoley, we put a start to a series of such events, which we are about to continue to organize next year. We will be visiting 7 more schools in the region, and this project takes place thanks to Vivacom Regional Grant and our participation in their project. By winning a grant, we from the Tinusaur Foundation will have the opportunity to show children how exciting Programming, Maths, and Physics can be and provoke interest in them towards new technologies and Robotics through practical tasks.

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