Tinusaur organized an electronics workshop during TarnovoConf

In September, a series of workshops will be held in more cities in the region

Tinusaur held an electronics workshop for children during the TarnovoConf technical conference in the old capital of Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo. Its organizers are the enthusiasts behind the traveling technology conferences in the country – IT Tour, with co-organizers Club of Programmers in Veliko Tarnovo and Tinusaur.

The event was held at the Veliko Tarnovo Programmers’ Club at the end of June. It was attended by participants from Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa, and other cities in the country.

The main topics of the conference had a practical business and technological focus. The workshop led by Neven Boyanov naturally fit into this area. 8 children from 2nd to 6th grade participated in it. With a lot of interest, they soldered Tinusaur electronic boards with their own hands, then programmed them to blink. The finished assemblies remained as a memory of the young technological talents.

Apart from the students, their parents were also delighted. They appreciated the opportunity for their children to make something with their own hands and minds.

The success of the electronics workshop gave rise to the idea of holding similar activities in other places in the region. Organizers will be the Tinusaur Foundation and IT Tour. The participation fee will be symbolic so more children can be involved and touch the new educational technologies.

In September, workshops are planned to be held in Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Lyaskovets, Debelec and Elena.

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