Business card with display uses our ATtiny85 OLED library – SSD1306xLED

The business card sized arcade game by Dan Schnur uses our ATtiny85 OLED library SSD1306xLED.

А couple of months ago, I saw a post by Dan Schnur in one of the Arduino groups on Facebook about a business card sized board with an ATtiny85 microcontroller and OLED display. It was actually an arcade game. After a brief discussion with him, I figured he was using a variant of our popular OLED library SSD1306xLED. He was very nice to offer to send me one of those boards.

Business card sized arcade game for ATtiny85 the OLED library SSD1306xLED

It took a while to arrive in Bulgaria “thanks” to Bulgarian Post and Bulgarian Customs.

The board looks awesome. Great build quality.

You would be surprised how much you could do with the tiny ATtiny85 microcontroller – it has only 8 KB of memory for the code and just 512 bytes for the data. Yet the game works just fine. It even has a splash screen at the beginning.

I will upload a video when I get the chance to record one and ask Dan Schnur for the location of the source code.

Link to the original post on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Arduino.AtMega8/posts/5122342371110575/

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