Students from High School “Vladimir Komarov” created melodies using an electronic board during a STEM workshop

Tinusaur provokes the creativity of Veliko Tarnovo students through interesting training in the Elena Balkans

Spring break can be not only fun but also rewarding. Students from 9th and 11th grades of School “Vladimir Komarov” majoring in “Automated systems and automation of continuous production” were convinced. They participated in the STEM Workshop Spring Academy, led by Tinusaur.

STEM Workshop

For 5 days of the spring break, our tireless technological mind Neven Boyanov passed on valuable knowledge to students about electronic boards. The practical classes were held in the village of Miykovtsi in the Elena Balkans, where the training base of the educational organization University for Kids is located.

Every day, the young electronic technicians were looking forward to the 4-hour STEM classes. During them, they learned how to assemble electronic boards, what are the physical laws applicable to them, and what is the practical application of electronic components. Each student had the opportunity to program a circuit board to work like a traffic light system with a light and sound signal.

STEM Workshop
STEM Workshop

At the end of the training, the participants prepared their project – creating a melody, generating sound with the board, and presenting it to their classmates. As a result of the efforts and acquired knowledge, all students received a certificate for completing the Tinusaur course.

The Spring Academy was sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Science and organized by the University for Kids.

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