How to connect MAX7219 to an ATtiny85 and work with an 8×8 LED Matrix

What’s our goal?

To connect a MAX7219 based LED Matrix module to an ATtiny85 microcontroller and control the LEDs. Doesn’t sound very complicated, right?

MAX7219tiny MAX7219 ATtiny85

The Titorial

We wrote a short tutorial about how MAX7219 modules work, how to connect them to ATtiny85, and how to write a simple library to work with them

Continue reading the MAX7219 ATtiny85 tutorial here.

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1 thought on “How to connect MAX7219 to an ATtiny85 and work with an 8×8 LED Matrix”

  1. Hello, does anyone know where I can buy just the MAX7219 drivers (not just the chips, the PCB… the whole driver) but NOT with an LED matrix, that I already have?

    I have a bunch of matrices I want to chain together, but they do not have drivers to put them on.

    I am looking to buy JUST the drivers shown on the back of your matrices here. Who sells them? All product pages I’ve seen on the entire internet bundle red,blue,or green matrices in with them.


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