Tinusaur introduced the jobs of the future to children

Neven Boyanov, the founder of the platform for training in programming and natural sciences, gave an open lesson to the children from CNST in Veliko Tarnovo.

At the Family-Type Accommodation Center for disadvantaged Children, 11 students from 3 to 11 grade challenged him with questions about programming, digital skills and skills that can help them succeed in the future.

Neven showed them how they can assemble computers themselves with the sets of microcontroller boards and a soldering iron and why it is important to know at least one programming language.

The open lesson was part of the initiative of the Tinusaur Foundation, which aims to create even more and better opportunities for teachers, students and students with limited abilities to develop their knowledge and skills in programming, mathematics, physics and robotics.

The team of the platform for training in natural sciences and programming organizes free lessons and workshops in the STEM disciplines and gives partial scholarships to students and teachers from small cities for the courses of the methodology “Tinusaur.”

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