Students teach Tinusaur at “Vladimir Komarov” School – Veliko Tarnovo

Three of the new educators of Tinusaur enter a class at “Vladimir Komarov” School – Veliko Tarnovo. Nabila Sarvari, Jennifer Sarvari and Kristina Nikolova – 2nd and 3rd year students at the University of Veliko Tarnovo, will teach seventh graders how to apply their knowledge of science, programming and robotics in projects to develop their skills for better realization in the future.

The courses twice a week are part of the MON project “Support for Success” and the school works with “Tinusaur” and the STEM program of the Ministry of Education. Students will work with the Tinusaur circuit boards.

“For us, working with teachers and students from ” Vladimir Komarov ” School – Veliko Tarnovo is a real opportunity to show that formal and non-formal education can and do move forward together. Our efforts to prepare students for the courses and to develop STEM skills together with the teachers are rewarded with the interest and success of the children. At this moment, it is important to support the start of young professionals in the education system and that is why we thank the school for the helping hand, “said Neven Boyanov, co-founder of the platform.

Tinusaur will continue to encourage students and teachers with achievements and ambitions for development in the natural sciences through the Tinusaur foundation , which will provide partial scholarships for training and courses. Courses for children and trainings for educators continue online. On the website of the foundation you can find information about the criteria for receiving scholarships, both for students and for educators and lecturers.

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