We prepare the children
for the future

Everyone can build and program their own miniature computer, and we make this possible to happen in any home!

Tinusaur is a miniature computer that you can easily assemble and program with our learning materials.

Tinusaur is an original product, developed by our team, with high quality and a good price.

Whether you are 9 or 99 years old, with our microcontroller boards, you can create something fun and useful at home.

No matter how experienced you are, we are here to train and support you in your endeavor!

Tinusaur Kits

  • Set of electronic boards and components.
  • You assemble a miniature computer with a soldering iron.
  • You can easily program it with the help of blocks.
  • You can do all this with your child.

Tinusaur Courses

  • Intensive course of 20 classes for students at least 9 years old.
  • We teach practical knowledge and upgrade school knowledge.
  • We develop an interest in the science and jobs of the future.
  • We learn to communicate in small groups and work in a team.

Assemble a
miniature computer

Learn how
to program it

Create something
interesting with it

Assemble a miniature computer

Learn how to program it

Create something interesting with your Tinusaur

Our Team

Neven Boyanov

Vanya Dimitrova

Ivaylo Nikolov

Elena Aleksandrova

Awards and recognitions

The Tinusaur project received funding from the Rinker Center.

Tinusaur is a finalist in  “PROMYANATA” (“The Change”) competition.

Tinusaur is the winner in the category “Innovative start-up”.

Tinusaur selected as “Best National Digital Solution“.

Tinusaur kits offer an incredible opportunity for children to enter the world of controllers. Congratulations!

Dimitar Minekov

AVR GCC Toolchain - Setup for Windows

AVR GCC Toolchain – Setup for Windows

We decided to write a guide on how to install and setup the AVR GCC Toolchain manually. Back in 2014, we wrote WinAVR Setup Guide which became quite popular on our website. Unfortunately, WinAVR has not been updated since 2010. AVR GCC Toolchain is a collection of tools and libraries used to compile your code for the AVR microcontrollers. This collection includes a compiler, assembler, linker, and some libraries. Most of the tools are based on efforts from the GNU community (GCC stands for GNU Compiler Collection), and some others are developed by Microchip.


History of computing

On January 24, 2016 died Marvin Lee Minsky. He was an American cognitive scientist concerned largely with research of artificial intelligence (AI), co-founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AI…


History of computing

On January 19, 1978 Apple began developing the Lisa computer. It was to feature a graphical user interface (GUI) and use the Motorola 68000 CPU. It was also the first…

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